Restoring a Backup in Farming Simulator 2019

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In Farming Simulator 2019, there are three different types of backups.

Server Backups

Server backups are created by our system every 24 hours and can be accessed under Tools -> Restore Backup in your server’s web interface.

Backups are created by our system alone, which is why this cannot be started manually or set to an exact time.

Here it is necessary to select a backup that was created before the difficulty occurred.

Fs19 upload savegame11.JPG

In-game backups

The game itself also saves several game saves within a period defined by you.

These can be selected in the game's own interface under "SAVEGAMES" and restored accordingly.

Please make sure that the selected slot is set correctly, otherwise the savegame contained in it will be overwritten!

Fs19 upload savegame22.JPG

Database Backups

Since we provide a MySQL database for our game servers, a backup of this database is created every 24 hours.

However, the game does not store anything in this database, so these backups can be ignored.

If a backup is restored here, it will have no influence on the game.