Random World Generation and generation times

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Setting a Random World Generated Map

  • Navigate to the web interface of your server
  • Stop your server and wait for it to be completely stopped.
  • On the left-hand side, open "Settings" and select "General".
  • In your settings, as shown above, you can select your Game World from the "Game World" option.
  • Select RWG


  • Set a correct number for your "World Gen Size". Starting from 4096. You can add 2048 to set a different map size. For example, the next size would be 4096+2048=6144, then 8192.

If you set a different number from the before mentioned, 8000 instead 8192, the server may encounter issues generating the world
Keep in mind that the bigger the world the longer it will take for the server to generate it

  • Save changes and restart the server
  • RWG map will start being generated, please continue reading to know more about generation times.

RWG map generation information

  • Depending on the World Gen Size the server may take longer times to finish the generation and set the server ready to play.
  • If you try to join the server before the world generation finishes you won't we able to connect, you will receive an error message from the game:
    • Server still initializing
    • Could not retrieve server information
  • Once the generation has started, interrupting the server, restarting it, making changes in the Web Interface, stopping it, will create graphical issues in the map.
  • Once the generation has started you need to wait until you are able to see these logs into the "Log Files" into the output_log_date_time.txt


  • Before joining the server, as you've created a unique world, the server will start a download before allowing you to spawn in the game, depending on the World Gen Size, your internet connection, etc., the download may take longer than expected.

RWG map generation times

  • Please keep in mind that these are estimated times, the generation time may be faster or could take longer than the time addressed in this section.
    • World Gen Size 4096 - ~20-30 minutes
    • World Gen Size 6144 - ~30-40 minutes
    • World Gen Size 8192 - ~45-120 minutes
    • World Gen Size 10240 - ~120-180+ minutes
  • A 12K map has already been tested but the generation time was longer than 4 hours, it is not recommended to set maps longer than 8192