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If you can't find a radio channel in the "Shoutcast" browser, it can be added manually with its stream-URL. You can easily find the urls via Google.

Supported formats

  • .m3u
  • .mp3


With the example "How to embed a stream from iLoveRadio" the procedure is explained step by step.

You can find all the stream on within the menu item "STREAMS". Depending on the desired channel there different URLs available. In our example, "" is used. Just copy the link and enter it in the textfield on the right side. To start it, press the Play button.

Ts3musicbot-bot radio.png

Upload own stream

You can upload your own radio channel to stream it with the TS3MusicBot. To do so, open a text editor and enter the following:



In this example needs to be replaced by your desired link. This link can normaly be found on the hompage of the online-radio channel you want to add.

In order for this playlist to work, you need to save the file in PLS format (.pls). To do ao, your filename needs to be formated like this: nameofradio.pls

You can now upload the playlist to the TS3MusicBots webinterface.