RCON Usage for Garrys Mod

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Garry's Mod RCON System

The RCON of Garry's Mod 'allows the player to perform small administrative actions or manually change certain server values. It is requested to inform Server Variables - Source Engine about the server variables with the source engine, which also uses Garry's Mod. In addition, it can also be used, for example, to introduce itself into a new administration system. However, you must remember that the RCON user has complete access to all Garry's Mod compatible console commands, similar to 'superadmin' on some systems.

How do I set the password for RCON?

First, go to the web interface provided by Nitrado (with all necessary access rights for the following) and select the Config Editor [extended] v2 . If you have done this, you can now select the Server.cfg from Garry's Mod. Now you should find a line, in which rcon_password stands. Here you can now set a new password for RCON or see the old one. 'It is strongly recommended that you use a secure password for this!' If you follow this guide, you should now be able to view and change the RCON password. Of course, end up saving the file.

How do I use RCON in the game?

How do I enable the developer console?

First, the console of Garry's Mod must be opened. If you have the game on Steam, make a simple right-click on the game in the library. Then click on Properties . If you do not end up in the 'GENERAL' tab, select it. Now we continue with a click on STARTOFFTIONEN FESTS ... . There you write -console. Now we save this by clicking on 'OK' and start the game.

How do I sign up for RCON?

Now we connect with our Gameserver with the open developer console. Once the connection is established, we open it. Here we enter rcon_password_YOURPASSWORD. Of course the part after rcon_password should match your password. If no errors occur, we have now successfully logged into RCON and can use this. In addition, there is an additional 'kick protection'.

What can I do with RCON?

You can now use it, for example, to kick players or manually configure settings in the game. All this happens via console commands which can be used with the help of RCON. In addition, it is possible to assign the highest group by using a console command (with RCON rights) to use it. Some commands are already listed in the server.cfg, but with RCON you can change them in the running game. You can find a small list in this Nitradopedia entry.