RAM and Game Servers with Nitrado

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Nitrado.net ensures each game server's is RAM exclusive to it. This means that the game server does not have the RAM to share with other customers.

Other vendors often offer more RAM. This is, however, claimed by several game servers. The result: There is more memory allocated RAM than actually exists. In this case, the non-existent RAM is swapped out to the hard disk, resulting in forced running, Laggs and crashes. This is exactly what prevents Nitrado.net with the exclusive allocation of memory.

Why so "little" RAM compared to other providers?

Other providers often promise heaven on earth. With game servers, this means, for example, "4GB RAM for only 5 euros per month"

The advertised memory is now assigned to the game server process, but many game servers are started on hardware that the memory is allocated. For a system with 16GB of RAM can be theoretically only a maximum of 4 of these game servers installed. However, this is not economically viable, more game server must be installed and thus the above-mentioned problems, But how does it work?

Explanation: SWAP or virtual memory

Other vendors often use slow hard drives to enable virtual memory. On Windows, this is called "page file," and under Linux "swap space." If the memory is completely exhausted, the operating system uses virtual memory on the hard disk. The result is that not only the personal, but all game servers start to lag on this hardware.

What makes nitrado different?

Game Servers at Nitrado.net have just as much RAM as actually exists. Virtual memory is not used and is at any time at full performance. Each game server has the slot number selected accordingly, when in normal use, the optimal RAM size is assigned. Nitrado.net also uses only extremely fast SSDs, over fifty times faster than normal hard disk. Thus the need for more memory is usually not necessary because the parts of the game world are loaded directly from this fast SSD, allowing the memory to be used elsewhere.