Project Eden Configuration Guide

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With this guide, you will learn how to upload Reforged Eden to your Empyrion server

About Project Eden

Project Eden is a lore friendly, PvE exploration scenario currently in development intended for single player or small group play. It is compatible with public online play, but you will want to configure your game options for it.

This scenario aims at slowing down the mid and end game progression for those who want a longer play through with more of a focus on open-ended exploration instead of linear progression.


First, subscribe to the scenario in the Steam Workshop

After subscribing to the scenario, go to your Steam's Empyrion Workshop folder, usually located here:


Find the folder called 2550354956 and copy it.

Rename the folder that you copied over. If you leave it as the default name of 2550354956 it will not function correctly. Give it a new name, after that go upload the folder through FTP following the route Content/Scenarios If you require more information doing that please follow this guide: How to use your server's FTP

Open the gameoptions.yaml file under that folder and set up your initial game options for a new game under the mp section as desired. By default, Project Eden's options are already optimized for coop or private group PvE play.

Once a save game is started, you will need to edit the gameoptions.yaml under that save game instead.

It's recommended to keep anti-grief distances to 0, as the anti-grief zones can prevent custom asteroids from being mined.

In your dedicated.yaml file for your server, set the TimeoutBootingPfServer to 2000. This will fix most warp issues.

Set the scenario name in dedicated.yaml to point to that folder you copied over. It will be needed to change the GameName as well to something else to create a new save folder, e.g. ModdedGame, many mods, like Project Eden require a whole new world to be created for the server to use and recognize the mods.

Note that you will need to repeat this process anytime you want to update the scenario on your server, and that a new game start is required to get any changes.

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To play on Reforged Eden you must have the Easy Anti Cheat activated otherwise you will not be able to join

For further customization, please refer to the mod's page in the Steam Workshop