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What is Procon?

Procon is an AdminTool for Battlefield 3/4. You can use Procon to change settings such as Number of ticks, round-trip, etc., player kick or ban player, plug-ins, e.g. Spambot, WordFilter, etc., and more.

Download the latest version here

How do I start Procon?

In your Nitrado web interface you will find all the access data you need to connect to Procon on your server under the "Procon Layer" tab. If you do not already have a Procon Layer installed, click "Install". This may take a few minutes. Once installed, you can see your Procon login details. Open Procon in your setup and click on "Create Connection" and enter your login data.

  • Switch to Procon Layer


  • Installing Procon Layer


  • Connect Procon to the server


What features does Procon have?

Under "Players", you will see all the players who are on your server or are currently in the queue. When you click on a player, you will see more detailed information about him and can kick him or kick him. You can also decide which team wins the round.

Under "Chat", you can see what the players are writing together and have an overview of the current kills. Likewise, you can write announcements that go to all players.

Under "Lists" you can access the ban list and edit or empty it. You can see names, IP, GUID, type of spell, Remaining Spell Time, and the reason for the spell. There is also the map list, where you can see which maps and modes are currently active, remove and add maps, and decide how many rounds are played on a map. You also get to the "Reserved Slots" tab where you can choose which players are allowed to skip the queue when your server is full. From there you can reach the "Viewer" tab, where you can see all the current players who are watching this round. Under "Server settings", you can make settings for your server in addition to the settings in the Nitrado web interface. From the server name, round-trip, number of tickets and team kills to the Config.

Then you can find the "console" with your "PunkBuster console" is.

Under "Parent Control Layer" is the tab "PlugIns", where you can activate, deactivate and adjust your installed plugins, and the tab "Accounts", where you can enter other admins.