Prevention and Account Protection

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Here you will find suggestions for basic account prevention and protection.

Prevention and Protection

Better safe than sorry. With these tips, you can protect yourself before something bad happens.

Never share the access or credentials of your Nitrado account. If you feel your account has been wrongly accessed, or you are having further difficulties, Submit a ticket to Nitrado Support immediately.

Here are some helpful instructions on submitting a support ticket:

To ensure the safe sharing of your Nitrado service, it is best to use the guest access rights. (Not Available for Console servers)

General security guidelines

It is important to keep the following general security guidelines in mind when dealing with your online accounts.

  • Never give anyone your Nitrado FTP credentials!

If you want to grant access to someone, use the "Usermanagement" panel to create another FTP account in the "2. User" tab.
Members of the Nitrado staff will never ask for your password.

  • Use secure passwords

A password should always contain at least 8 characters, mixing alphanumeric and numbers as well as upper- and lowercase one.

    • Passwords like "password123", "123456" and similar are not secure!
  • Use different passwords

Never use the same password for all your accounts. If a user get hold on you master password, he can take over your whole account and maybe even more.

  • Latest Antivirus
    Try to always keep your Antivirus program up to date, it protects you from standard viruses and malware. Use the internet to find the one that suits you best.