Plugin Installation for Oxide

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This guide refers to the normal (legacy) version of Rust.

Configure your server

The first step is to activate Oxide on your server, Oxide is an abstracted, modular, and extensible mod and plugin framework for Rust

  • Please make sure that before making changes to your server, it's completely stopped.
  • This option is found under "Settings" in the web interface.

Oxide webinterface.png

  • Save the changes and start your server to allow Oxide to be installed.

Download plugins

Now you can start downloading plugins. Which can be found here

Install plugins

The installation of Oxide plugins in Rust is very simple is similar to the installation of Bukkit plugins in Minecraft. To start the installation, the plugin has to be uploaded to the appropriate folder. It is vital to follow all instructions provided by the plugin author, missing one step can prevent the server from starting correctly.

  • How to connect via FTP is here: How to use your FTP
    • The path for the Oxide plugins is: "/rust/oxide/plugins"

This is where the plugin files have to be stored. They must be added only when the server is completely stopped, once you've uploaded the correspondent files, start your server.