Per-Level Stat multipliers with Engine Settings

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How to set per level stats multipliers.

Use these options to increase or reduce the specific stats that players, wild dinos, tamed dinos receive under certain conditions (such as level up or after being tamed).

A value of 2.0 is equivalent to doubling the amount gained when compared to the default value (of 1.0).

Note: Repeat this process for each type of multiplier you wish to alter.

Warning: Do not make multiple entries for the same type of multiplier.

Where to Start

  • Navigate to your server's Web Interface Page
  • Navigate to the Engine settings of your server.
  • Scroll to "Per Level Stats Multiplier"
  • Click "Create new Setting" to begin.
  • Here you will configure a Per Stat entry
    • First select your creature
    • Next select your type of stat that should be altered
    • Lastly, set your multiplier
  • Save changes and your new multiplier will now appear.
  • Restart your server for changes to take effect

Setting Descriptions

  • Player
    • Multiplier per-level for players
  • Dino (Wild)
    • Multiplier per-level for wild dinos.
  • Dino (Tamed)
    • Multiplier per-level for tamed dinos.
  • Add Dino (tamed)
    • Multiplier immediately added for a tamed dino
  • Affinity Dino (tamed)
    • Multiplier applied if a dino has perfect affinity