Parental Lock of a Nitrado Account

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Here you will learn about the parental lock of your server. A 'Parental Lock' is used to restrict some functions to ensure responsible usage of the game server.

Below you will learn about how to activate the parental lock, and what restrictions are set.

Activating the Parental Lock

To activate the Parental Lock:

  • Go to
  • At the top right, click your username
  • Click "Parent Lock" in the dropdown menu
  • You will be prompted to enter your account password
  • Click "Extend to Gauded Account Now" to continue
  • You will be prompted to enter the "Guarded Password" of your account.
    • This should be different than your main password.
  • After entering the "Guarded Password", you will be at the parental lock page with a notice in the middle:
    • "Gaurd Mode Active"

Control and Restrictions


  • You will have the option to easily change your password or to release the account from being guarded.

Game server Rental

  • For your convenience, you can also add a service to your cart from here.
    • Make a selection of slots and runtime, then add the server to your cart.
    • You can add multiple servers
    • When done, click the "Pay now" button. If your account has the proper funds, it will automatically go through. If not, you will be prompted to charge.

For help on how to change your game after it is installed, please go here:

General Account Restrictions

You can set restrictions to the following:

  • Ability to use the Nitrado public forum and create new threads
  • Permission to contact Nitrado personally. (Support Ticket/Chat)
  • Authority to manage the existing balances on the Nitrado account. (Add funds, rent servers)
  • Time the service is running.
    • You can restrict access to the servers and all other services between a timeframe, you have the possibility to define a range for each day. Only in the specified areas, the server can be played on.