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The "NitrAPI Daemon" is a daemon developed in the programming language Python, which creates a RabbitMQ connection between the Cloud Server and our inhouse API NitrAPI. The daemon provides additional functionalities in the Nitrado Web Interface and Performs tasks for the server Administrator.

The daemon is curently only available on our Ubuntu 16.04 image, further operating systems will follow.



The daemon is capable of installing various applications at the push of a button. It uses Docker. If Docker is not already installed, it will automatically be installed on your Cloud Server when you install your first application.

The docker containers are managed with systemd the images are downloaded and updated via our own developed tool "gpm". The python gpm package is already included in the daemon image, so no further action is needed in installing it.

File Browser

The daemon provides a secure file browser. Simple tasks can be performed via FTP or SCP access. Particular attention has been paid to security - the entire network traffic is different from FTP encrypted with SSL encryption.


Simple firewall walls can be created or customized via the Firewall interface. In the background, ufw is used, which creates rule iptables in the background. You can also create your own iptable rules. If, for example, rules are created or edited manually, they are also displayed in the web interface.

systemd Units

The daemon also allows for all systemd services to be managed. This makes it easy to start or stop services. Professional features such as masking of services are also possible via the web interface.

journald Live-Log

In the journald Live log, the log outputs all systemd services and the services can be tracked in real time. You can also filter the messages by service.