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Entries and new articles can only be created by registered users. To register/login, click the Login/Create Account button in the top-right corner.

Creating a page

To create a new page, type in the search box for the page you wish to create. For example:

If the article you wish to create is not found, you can then click the red link that appears, to begin creating the article.


The Nitrado-Wiki uses similar formatting functions to that found on this article here.

Inserting Images

To upload an image into a text file, please follow these steps:

  • Click the "Upload File" button on the left navigation-bar (Best opened in a new window!)
  • Click the "Select file" button:


  • Choose the picture you wish to upload and click "Submit file"
  • Now, to use the file within your article, use a similar function to this:
[ [file : picturename.jpeg/png/jpg ] ] 
(No spaces between brackets!)