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Account charged, but no credit on the account

Delays in recharging are no cause for concern. This is mostly due to data processing and will usually be processed 24 hours later.
The following are some points to consider.

Payment method Specifications Duration Check
Pay creditcard preferred.jpg

credit card

  • Fast charging
  • Manual activation may be necessary
  • Refund possible
up to 24 hours If you have an online management of your credit card, you can check the status of the payment or ask the bank
Pay gc paypal preferred.jpg


  • credit directly topped up
  • Refund possible
up to 24 hours you can check the status of the payment in your PayPal account or ask PayPal
Paysafe Card


  • Fast charging
  • No refunds possible
up to 24 hours Whether the payment was successful can be checked on the following page: Check your credit


  • Fast charging
up to 24 hours The support of SKRILL has the possibility to check the payment


  • Fast charging
  • No refunds possible
up to 24 hours Here it is necessary to contact the support of your telephone provider
Pay by SMS


  • Fast charging
  • No refunds possible
up to 24 hours Here it is necessary to contact the support of your mobile phone provider

If a recharge is still not available after a longer period of time, please contact support.

Contact support

In order for the support staff to help you as quickly as possible, it is necessary to provide as much information as possible. This includes account statements, payment confirmations, telephone bills, ... either as document (scanned/photo) or as screenshot.

Hello, Nitrado Customers! Here, we will go over how to properly reach our helpful support team.

YouTube Video

Here at Nitrado Support we often see that the customer will feel as if they are a burden. When asking for support, this is not the case at all. With Nitrado we pride ourselves on providing the best quality service available, and we love to help. Providing good service starts with you, the customer. Giving the best information you can about the situation or difficulty, will result in the best service. We have put together information for you to help write a proper support ticket. We will go over what to include, and some general things that you may want to leave out.

Where do you start?

  • Let's start by Navigating to
  • Next, we can click the "Help" button located on the navigation bar. This will bring you to the Nitrado Support Assistant. On the welcome page is where you will select what topic your situation reflects. Choose the one that fits your situation.
    Support assist.png
  • This will bring your to the "Knowledge Base". Here you can try to search for a solution before contacting support.
  • If your solution cannot be found go ahead and click "No Solution Found".
  • The third step will list our contact information, Including our hotline and Skype information. If you intend to email support click on "Support Via Email".
    Support contact.png
    This will bring you to the Support Ticket Form. With the information you enter here a Nitrado tech will assist you with your situation.

What do you need to provide?

We will explain a bit more of what we would like you to provide, and what will be provided for you when making a ticket. Information that is applied on your account will be provided for you. Generally, You will need to provide:

  • Pick a service you need help with
  • Your First Name.
  • A subject title that relates to why you need to contact us. With game region and problem:
  • A short detailed message explaining the difficulties or questions you have. Next, we will explain what to include in the message.

What is helpful to add to the message?

Providing accurate detail and eliminating fluff will help you get the best results. Fluff is anything that is not related to the situation at hand. Allow us to explain in further detail:

  • Be specific about what your server is doing and what you need. Short and precise messages are best.
  • It is important to provide any error codes.
  • If you have multiple services, be sure to be clear what service you need assistance with by providing the IP address or service ID
  • Below is an Upload File Feature that is optional.
    • This feature is used to send more information to the techs, such as, files or screenshots. Sometimes a tech may request you to make a ticket and upload a file.

After you submit your ticket it will bring you to your "My Support Tickets" page. Here is where you can manage your tickets. You can view, reply and close tickets here.