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The game Dont Starve Together allows the installation of mods via the Steam Workshop. For this, only the workshop ID of the desired mod is required.

Determine WorkshopID

To find out the workshop ID of the desired mod, go to the page and search for the desired mod.

In this example, we use Luffy. This mod can be found here: | Luffy Workshop

When calling the workshop page of the desired mod you can find in the upper section the link to the mod. In the case of Luffy, this looks as follows:

Here I already marked the workshop ID bold. The number 380079744 is mandatory for the further steps.

Add Mod Download / Update to Startup Process

So that the mod is now downloaded when the server is started, this must be communicated to the server. This is done via the file /dontstarve/mods/dedicated_server_mods_setup.lua.

In this file the individual mods are entered. This looks as follows:

--There are two functions that will install mods, ServerModSetup, and ServerModCollectionSetup. Put the calls to the functions in this file.

--ServerModSetup takes a string of a specific mod's Workshop id. It will download and install the mod to your mod directory on boot.
--The Mod ID can be found at the end of the workshop.
--ServerModSetup ("350811795")

--ServerModCollectionSetup takes a string of a specific mod's workshop id. It will download all the mods in the collection and install them to the mod directory on boot.
--The Workshop can be found at the end of the page.
--ServerModCollectionSetup ("379114180")

ServerModSetup ("380079744")

Here the part ServerModSetup ("380079744") was added, which causes the download of the mod at the start.

After the next reboot, the individual mods are stored in directories in the /dontstarve/mods/directory. These are called workshop - <Workshop-ID>, in this case these mods are not yet loaded at this time.

Activate Mod

Now the installed mod only has to be activated. To do this, we open the file /dontstarve/mods/modsettings.lua and add the line ForceEnableMod ("workshop-380079744"). This looks as follows:

- Use the "ForceEnableMod" function when developing a mod. This will cause the
- game to load the mod
- re-enabling it from the main menu.
-- Grade! You shout. Please use the mods menu
- from the main screen instead.

- ForceEnableMod ("kioskmode_dst")

ForceEnableMod ("workshop-380079744")

- Use "EnableModDebugPrint ()" to show extra information during startup.

--EnableModDebugPrint ()

ForceEnableMod ("workshop-380079744")

As in the file previously, only the added entry ForceEnableMod ( "workshop-380079744") is important here. The rest are only the standard entries which help to orientate the file. This additional text can, of course, also be deleted.

After the next reboot, the server can also be played as "Luffy".

Information.png Please note that some mods work only on local mode and these cannot be forced to be enabled, you can identify them with the tag client_only_mod.