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How to promote my account to OP in Minecraft [Vanilla & Bukkit]

Versions below 1.7.9

You can enter your Minecraft player name in the server's ops.txt file. this file may be accessed either via FTP or the "File-Browser" option of the Gameserver's Webinterface. It is located in the installation directory of your server (minecraft or minecraftbukkit for instance). Please remember to only write one name per line, otherwise the server will break.

Another way to assign operator access to a user would be to open the server console end enter "op <playername>" (without the quotes), where "<playername>" would be the name of the desired Minecraft player.

Version similar or above 1.7.9

From this version on, the operator list won't be saved as a simple text (.txt) file anymore, but as a more advanced .json file insted. The contents of this file usually looks like this:

    "uuid": "5c27674c-bad8-45e0-9f3e-82bc3ec39200",
    "name": "Nitrado",
    "level": 4
    "uuid": "5c27674c-bad8-45e0-9f3e-82bc3ec39200",
    "name": "Peter",
    "level": 4

The new entry, uuid is short for Unique User Identification and as, as the name implies a unique token for each Minecraft account. We wrote a whole article about this, this article may be found here:

Please note that each players UUID changes with every connection if the server's "online-mode" option is set to false. This will break most functionalities like the operator- or whitelist. This will force you to assign operator rights with every new connection.

Am I able to secure my Minecraft server with a password?

There is no password protection in Minecraft until now, but you may secure your server using the whitelist. You can read more about this here:

Is there a way to generate a new map?

Yes, there is indeed a way to do that. Just follow this simple steps:

  • Log in to your Gameserver's Webinterface and stop the server
  • Open the "File-Browser" and navigate to your Minecraft directory
  • Delete your world directory, if you've renamed your world in your server's server.properties file, you need to delete the folder similar to the world's name.
  • Start your server

The server should now create a new world as it starts.

I'm unable to mine blocks because they reappear instantly

Please note that the server as a default Spawn-Protection of 16 x 16 blocks, you can't mine within this radius. Try to get a little distance between you and the world spawn.
You could also disable the server's Spawn-Protection by setting the value of "spawn-protection" to 0 in the server's server.properties file.

How to toggle automatic healing?

There is a setting in the server's server.properties file called "auto-healing=". The setting false disables it, while true enables automatic healing.

Where to find the server's settings or rather the server.properties file?

This file lies within the server's installation directory, the same folder which holds the minecraft_server.jar file. You are able to edit it either via the Webinterface's "config editor [extended] v2" option or via a normal text editor.