Maps and Game Modes in Battlefield 4

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The following game modes are available for Battlefield 4:

Engine Name Name Max. Spieler Max. Commander Max. Zuschauer DLCs
ConquestLarge0 Conquest 64 2 4 Standard
ConquestSmall0 Conquest 32 2 4 Standard
Domination0 Domination 20 0 4 Standard
Elimination0 Defuse 10 0 4 Standard
Obliteration Obliteration 32 2 4 Standard
RushLarge0 Rush 32 2 4 Standard
SquadDeathMatch0 Squad Deathmatch 20 0 4 Standard
TeamDeathMatch0 Team Deathmatch 20 0 4 Standard
AirSuperiority0 Air Superiority 24 0 4 China Rising
Capturetheflag0 Capture the flag 32 0 4 Second Assault
CarrierAssaultLarge0 Carrier Assault 64 0 4 Naval Strike


The following cards are available for Battlefield 4 Each card can be played in any game mode

Engine Name Name DLCs Bild
MP_Abandoned Zavod 311 Standard
Zavod 311
MP_Damage Lancang Dam Standard
Lancang Dam
MP_Flooded Flood Zone Standard
Flood Zone
MP_Journey Golmud Railway Standard
Golmud Railway
MP_Naval Paracel Storm Standard
Paracel Storm
MP_Prison Operation Locker Standard
Operation Locker
MP_Resort Hainan Resort Standard
Hainan Resort
MP_Siege Siege of Shanghai Standard
Siege of Shanghai
MP_TheDish Rogue Transmission Standard
Rogue Transmission
MP_Tremors Dawnbreaker Standard
XP1_001 Silk Road China Rising
Silk Road
XP1_002 Altai Range China Rising
Altai Range
XP1_003 Guilin Peaks China Rising
Guilin Peaks
XP1_004 Dragon Pass China Rising
Dragon Pass
XP0_Caspia Caspian Border 2014 Second Assault
Caspian Border 2014
XP0_Firestor Firestorm 2014 Second Assault
Firestorm 2014
XP0_Metro Operation Metro 2014 Second Assault
Operation Metro 2014
XP0_Oman Gulf of Oman 2014 Second Assault
Gulf of Oman 2014
XP2_001 Lost Islands Naval Strike
Lost Islands
XP2_00 Nansha Strike Naval Strike
Nansha Strike
XP2_003 WaveBreaker Naval Strike
XP2_004 Operation Mortar Naval Strike
Operation Mortar
XP3_UrbanGdn Lumphini Garden Dragon Teeth
Lumphini Garden
XP3_WtrFront Sunken Dragon Dragon Teeth
Sunken Dragon
XP3_MarketPl Pearl Market Dragon Teeth
Pearl Market
XP3_Prpganda Propaganda Dragon Teeth
XP4_Arctic Operation Whiteout Final Stand
Operation Whiteout
XP4_Titan Hangar 21 Final Stand
Hangar 21
XP4_SubBase Hammerhead Final Stand
XP4_WlkrFtry Giants Of Karelia Final Stand
Giants Of Karelia