Left 4 Dead 2 FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to speak to your colleagues by voice?

To talk with colleagues, you must have a microphone and speakers or headphones to hear. Then press the letter "C" on the keyboard and hold it down while talking.

Where are the extra maps placed below?

All files with a ".vpk" extension go in the "left4dead2addons" folder, the rest of the files in the "left4dead2maps" folder.

The game is exited in the middle of the game

The "multi-core rendering" option is activated, to deactivate it you have to go to "options" in the game, then to "video" and finally to "advanced settings", the option called "multi-core rendering", select "deactivated" and press done.

Why am I getting a Steam error when opening the game?

Due to problems with the Standalone patch, it was not installed properly, or I did not install it. By having Steam open, if Steam is open, it gives an error when executing the game, close Steam and you can join the game again.

I have problems with the audio. Normally with the following command it is solved.

Command: snd_rebuildaudiocache. In 10 minutes, closing the game and reopening it, the problem should be fixed.

How to enter the console from the main menu?

Select with the mouse in any of the menu options, if it is not shown, it does not appear.