Lag in a Conan Server

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By lag we mean the delay of the connection. This happens as a player receives his data packets with a slight delay compared to other players


The cause of lags can occur in several places. Starting from one's own PC, over the internet connection to the server up to a high load of the host system. In order to be able to limit the difficulty more exactly, the following points help:

  • Have any modifications been added or changed recently?
  • Have multipliers been changed recently?
  • Have any other settings / changes been made?


If a change as mentioned above has been made, it usually already helps to undo it.

If no changes have been made, there might be a temporary problem with the host system or the save game. Please contact the support for further action.


You will find a performance symbol in the settings, which influence the performance a lot. We recommend that you do not set this setting too high or even activate/deactivate it.