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Servermod: Bukkit‎
Category: Protection
Developer: Hidendra
Developer Website: Bukkit-Dev
Description: Ermöglicht es Kisten, Öfen, etc. zu schützen
Features: Bietet viele Konfigurationsmöglichkeiten
Download: Link

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What is LWC?
LWC is the longest-lived single block protection plugin that protects both the block itself and contents of Chests, Furnaces, and Dispensers. It can also protect any other blocks, and by default will also protect Doors (Wooden + Iron), Signs and Trap Doors.

Are there alternatives to LWC? Yes there are some alternatives but they aren't as good as LWC. Alternatives would be:ChestLock, LockChest, Lockette, ...


With the Nitrado-Webinterface

If you aren't in the webinterface already, go to "My Services->Gameserver->Webinterface Login"
Then you have to navigate to "Minecraft->Plugins->Avaible Plugins->Essentials.jar->Install"


Config file: /minecraftbukkit/plugins/Essentials/config.yml

locale: ?

This determines which language will be used. Use "de" for german, "eng" for english, "pl" for polish, "fr" for french, "nl" for dutch, "cz" for czech, "sv" for swedish, "ru" for russian, "es" for spanish and "da" for danish.

autoUpdate: true/false

This will turn autoUpdates on/off.

showNotices: true/false

Show information about the object.

showMyNotices: true/false

Show information about the players own objects.

verbose: true/false

Debug mode(shows more information in the console).

opIsLWCAdmin: true/false

Should a op(ops.txt) also be a LWC admin?


adapter: sqlite

Don't change!

path: plugins/LWC/lwc.db

Don't change!

host: localhost

Don't change!

Find this in your "Webinterface -> MySQL DB"

database: niXXXXX_1_DB

Enter your "DB Name".

password: 'XXXXXXXX'

Enter your "DB Passwort".


denyRedstone: true/false

Should it be possible to open doors with redstone?

autoRegister: true/false

Should the object be locked automatically?

enabled: true/false

Should it be possible to save an object? (Chest/Furnance/Dispenser/Sign/Wooden Door/Iron Door)

autoRegister: true/false

Should the object be locked automatically?


droptransfer: (default: enabled)

Whether or not drop transfer mode is enabled. (Dropped items go to a chest)

persist: (default: enabled)

Whether or not persist mode is enabled. This will allow to lock more than one chest.