Kicked while playing on my Nitrado server

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There are several reasons why a player loses connection to the server while playing.

General check

  • Server online: Please check if the server is actually online while trying to connect to it
  • Internet connected: Check if your Internet connection is still stable. If there are no problems, please create a Tracert and send the log to Nitrado support.
  • One or more players affected? If only one player is affected by the difficulty, it is usually not the server. If several players lose connection to the server at the same time, it is important to find out what the cause is. In most cases the cause is a difficulty in the game or the connection. But it can also be due to an update of the game or a general difficulty with the host system. This can also be clarified by means of Tracert or a look at the web interface of the server.

Connection lost (Game)

  • High Ping: Some games have the possibility to kick players with a slow connection automatically from the server, please check your internet connection. If there are no problems, please create a tracer and send the log to the Nitrado support.
  • Manual kick: You have been kicked off the server by a moderator or admin, please contact the person responsible for the server