Kicked from ArmA server with a Restriction Error

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What are these random Restrictions?

As you may already know, each different instance of ArmA (DayZ, Epoch, Exile, etc) has it's own BattlEye folder (located in arma/config on the Nitrado system). In this folder are the .txt files and various corresponding .log files. The .log files are simply that, log files. Contained in these .log files are the specific reasons why someone was kicked, with respect to which Restriction was listed.

The .txt files include all of the 'rules' for BattlEye, which results in Restriction kicks. There are 'several' of these .txt files. Here is a small list:

  • AddBackpackCargo.txt
  • AddMagazineCargo.txt
  • AddWeaponCargo.txt
  • AttachTo.txt
  • CreateVehicle.txt
  • DeleteVehicle.txt
  • MpEventHandler.txt
  • PublicVariable.txt
  • PublicVariableVal.txt
  • PublicVariableVar.txt
  • RemoteControl.txt
  • RemoteExec.txt
  • Scripts.txt
  • SelectPlayer.txt
  • SetDamage.txt
  • SetPos.txt
  • SetVariable.txt
  • SetVariableVal.txt
  • TeamSwitch.txt
  • WaypointCondition.txt
  • WaypointStatement.txt

    Now what do we have?

    We have:

  • The error number: #XY
  • The type of Restriction: AttachTo
  • The path of the Towing script: e.g. /R3F_ARTY_AND_LOG/LOG/log_init.sqf or something similar.

    Whats the point?

    The type of restriction tells us which .txt file we need to look at. In our example, we would then refer to the AttachTo.txt file. The error number #XY tells us the line in the AttachTo.txt file we need. XY+2 = the line in the .txt File.
    Don't ask why, this is just how it functions.
    This will allow us to add a filter to that line, so the kick does not happen anymore. In our example, we would find that there is no vehicle on line XY+2 that has access to the AttachTo command, because the Tow script is not really intended for use (DayZ). The way the server sees it, something has malfunctioned or someone is hacking, and the player is kicked for security reasons.

    We add the exception in the next step.

    What do we do now?

    At this point, we are nearly done, as we have all of the information we need, and the exception is simple. Open the AttachTo.txt file, and go to line XY+2. Copy the classname or script path (from the .log file) and add it to the end of whatever is in that line (separated by a space). We're still using the Towing script example. We added:


    And that's it. You've just succesfully created a BattlEye exception. You should no longer get kicked for that reason anymore.
    In other circumstance, you may need to repeat this process several times. The script the Restriction comes from may change, but the process for adding an exception remainds the same.