Installing Mods on Farming Simulator 17

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With Farming Simulator 17, in addition to the manual upload, a web interface function for automatic downloads is available as well. This allows you to install mods with just a few clicks. Below you will see both ways to do the installation.

Manual Installation

  1. To install modifications on a Farming Simulator 17 server, we will need to use the web-interface of our server.

  2. Inside the webinterface of your server we can access the Farming Simulator 17 Webinterface by clicking the white "Webinterface" icon located next to your restart and stop server buttons.
  3. Desired Mods are uploaded via the Farming Simulator web interface.
  4. The Farming Simulator server must be offline to upload your mods.
  5. To have the mods start with the game server It is necessary to activate the mods when the server is stopped under the "Home" menu item

Automatic Installation

To manage the mods on the automatic download feature, simply click the download button to start the download of the desired mod:


The mods offered here are directly managed by Giants, so they should always be the latest version available. We do not offer this with every modification available. It is still necessary to manually install some modifications that are not supported. [1].

Additional Information

  • Mods used via the Farming Simulator Web Interface can be deactivated again. To do this, simply select the mod in 'Active Mods' and click Disable.
  • Mods can only be uploaded in .zip format.
  • Mods in the .exe format must first be installed on your own computer and then uploaded from the folder %USERPROFILE%\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator17\mods.
  • The desired modifications can be downloaded on various platforms.
  • There is no guarantee that mods will work correctly, unfortunately.

DLC's / Extensions

DLC'S will automatically be pre-installed by Nitrado; A separate installation is not necessary. The DLC's can be activated via the Farming Simulator Dedicated Server Web Interface.