Install creator DLC on ArmA 3

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Here we would like to briefly explain how you can install a Creator DLC on your Arma3 server.

How to install

  • Stop your gameserver.
  • Open the Steam console by copying this code into your browser's address bar


889624474 preview s6.png

  • Press Enter and select the Steam client bootstrapper for the link to open

889624474 preview s7.png

  • The download links for the Steam console are now as follows:
download_depot <App-ID> <Depot-ID> <Manifrest>

  • Now enter the following into the console
    • For Global Mobilization
      • download_depot 233780 233787 6029727064336415567
    • For S.O.G. Prairie Fire
      • download_depot 233780 233790 2560434801440708245

889624474 preview s8.png

  • Press the Enter key, this will submit the line and Steam should look something like this. It will show you which depot is being downloaded and how big it is
  • After the download is finished, you will see the folder where the files were saved.

Note: No progress of the current download is shown

889624474 preview s9.png

  • Open the folder of the depot and you will find the following
    • For Global Mobilization
      For Global Mobilization.png
    • For S.O.G. Prairie Fire
      For S.O.G. Prairie Fire.png
  • Now load the content of the repository on your game server into the folder /arma3/".
  • We recommend uploading this via FTP, how this works you can read here: 3.How to use your server's FTP
  • Enter the following under Settings > General under Additional server mods
  • Save your settings
    • For Global Mobilization gm;
    • For S.O.G. Prairie Fire vn;
  • Restart your server and the fun can begin