Install a Custom Map in Factorio

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Find Your World Save

You'll need to locate your world save on your PC. The default save location for Factorio's Steam version on Windows PCs can be found at C:\Users\yourname\AppData\Roaming\Factorio\saves. World saves are packaged in Zip files, which ends up being really convenient, because it saves us some steps that other games have us do in having to zip and then unzip their files.

Upload to the Server

First and foremost, make sure your server is completely off, simply hit the Stop Server red button on the server's Web Interface and wait at least 5 minutes before changing any settings.

Once the server is completely off connect through FTP to your server, if you want more details about how to connect simply follow our guide on the topic.

Look for the file file, to locate it simply follow the route factorio/saves and replace it with the file from your PC