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In this category you'll find templates for Info Boxes (characteristics) that you find in some articles.

Use of Infoboxes

In this section you can find a tutorial on the use of info boxes. Explains the use of the example of the info box for plugins.

'1' Find in this category a corresponding information box that suits your products.
'2.' Copy the contents of the box and paste it at the top of your article:

{{Infobox Plugin
|NAME=<span style="font-size:1.4em">NameDesPlugins</span>

'3.' Replace the contents behind the equal sign by the contents that fit to your product. If you want to embed an image as a logo, so please use no great image so that the info box does not take up half of the page. Charging this here in the wiki up and rename it please as follows: Plugin Logo NAMEDESPLUGINS.jpg / .png. If the plugin can be no logo, so please use the image Plugin_KeinLogo.jpg .