I was kicked from an ArmA server with a Restriction Error

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The kick message you mentioned means that your client isn't compatible with the ArmA 3 server's BattlEye (Anti-Cheat) filter rules.

You now have the following options:

  • You can choose to disable BattlEye (this is highly discouraged if your server is not password protected.)


  • You can adjust the existing filters to mitigate the restriction error.

If you choose to disable BattlEye, simply add the following line to your server's "server.cfg" file:

  • battleye=0;

How to alter the Restriction Error message

If you wish to edit your server's filter rules because you're running a public server, we recommend using this tutorial:

OpenDayZ: A Guide to BattlEye Filters

Nitrado WIKI: Battleye Filter Walkthrough