I got hacked-What do i do

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Here you will learn about what to do if you feel your account is compromised.

My server or account was 'hacked'

If you notice strange , not normal actions on your game server you need to act quickly. If you go find something temporarily down to prevent the server to further damage.

What shall I do now?

Change passwords

You can never predict exactly how the intruder could cause damage to your server. Maybe he found out the password for your Nitrado account or even for a game-related account. Change all passwords immediately to your game server, FTP passwords and passwords of your Nitrado accounts.

Have you Shared credentials with anyone recently? Nitrado never recommends sharing credentials of your Nitrado account. If you have shared credentials change your password immediately! Also, contact Nitrado support (instructions below) to be sure all accounts are logged off.

Change emails

Do you feel your email is compromised or would like to switch to a more secure one? It is recommended to use an email only you, the owner, has access to.

If you have a compromised email address change your email immediately!

Admin List review

Next, you should check all of the administrators! Review your Guest Access Rights and change the admin password of your server.

To ensure the safe sharing of your Nitrado service, it is best to use the guest access rights. (Not Available for Console servers)

Contact Nitrado Support

Submit a ticket to Nitrado Support immediately if you feel your account has been hacked. Here are some helpful instructions on how to submit a ticket:


Prevention and Account Protection is the first step to fighting those who would want to do damage to your service. For prevention tips have a look at this helpful article: