I got hacked! What to do?

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My game server was hacked

If you notice strange , not normal actions on your game server you need to act quickly. If you go find something temporarily down to prevent the server to further damage.

What shall I do now?

Change passwords

You can never predict exactly how the intruder could cause the damage to your server. Maybe he found out the password for your Nitrado account or even for a game-related account. Change all passwords immediately to your game server, FTP passwords and passwords of your Nitrado accounts.

How do I change my passwords?

First you go to the [1] Nitrado website and click on "My Account". Next, you'll find under the Options menu item "Change Password". By clicking you will reach into the process to your password reset and give your "username" and "password" to receive an email to reset your password. By clicking on the confirmation link that was sent to you by this e-mail you can now reset your password. FTP passwords you can reset the Nitrado web interface. Passwords for game-related accounts you have, where appropriate, on the manufacturing side, or change in configuration files.

Especially in Minecraft

Are you into a Minecraft Bukkit/Spigot Server? You should check all installed plugins. If you want to play it safe, you can load each plugin again. It may namely happen that a malicious plugin infects other plugins and the intruder always returns.

OP List renew

Next, you should check all of the administrators! Maybe you can find on the OP list unknown players with admin rights. (Note: If you own a Permission plugin on your server, you should definitely check in the right system config of the plugin!)

Where are the OP list ?

First you go to the web interface of your server. There you go under "File Management " in "File Browser". Next, you go to your Minecraft server folder and wait for the file ops.json (Former ops.txt) which you can edit by clicking on the pin (left of the file).


Better safe than sorry. With these tips, you can protect yourself before something bad happens.

Choosing a Safe Password

The password should be composed of the following points:

- The password at least 8 characters long

- Contain no words

- Lowercase letters (a - z)

- Uppercase letters (A - Z )

- (0-9 )

- No personal information (birthdays, names, etc.)

How secure is my password?

On the website of "How secure is my password" can be the strength of the passphrase determine.

Handling passwords

- Use not the same password for different services .

- Give the password more never.

- Change the password periodically.

Regular backups

regular backups of important data of your game server (if available also from the MySQL database) and saving it locally on your computer or cloud services. However, not on the FTP server of your game server. Should anything happen to bad you can simply restore the old state.


Other Security

Many other useful safety check in our "security" category!

Nitrado USE Support

- Submit a ticket to Nitrado Support immediately if you feel your account has been hacked.