How to upload an existing world to Astroneer

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Here you will learn how to upload an existing world to your Astroneer gameserver.

Before you continue please check our guide How to use your server's FTP you will need FileZilla to access the server files via FTP.

Step-by-step guide

  • Stop your server and open FileZilla or any FTP client and connect to the server using your FTP credentials (You can find them on the dashboard of your server).
    FTP credentials.png

  • Once you're connected via FTP to your server, simply drag and drop your save file to the server:

  • When you've uploaded your save file, you will need to enable the expert mode on your server:
    Expert mode.png

  • After the expert mode is enabled on the server, a new option will appear in the "settings" section, giving you access to the config files, there in the AstroServerSettings.ini file you will need to modify the following parameter:


  • You will need to set in that parameter, the exact name of your save file:


  • Save the changes.
  • Start your server.