How to properly use Donations

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Hello! Here, we will demonstrate Donations between accounts and how they work!

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Donating to accounts

Dividing the rental cost of a server between friends, or supporting your community server are just two of the reasons you would be interested in donating Nitrado Credit. Before we explain this procedure, we need to advise that because of security and fraud protection issues, Credit cannot be transferred between accounts. The procedure to donate money to another account looks a lot like charging credit to your own account.

Where do you Start?

  • Navigate to the upper right corner and click on your username. Look for the option “Donate”. This can be identified by the Yellow Heart Icon.
  • Next, you will see a popup window which looks like this:
  • The country should already be selected by default, and it is referred to which country you are from.
  • Then, we have the option to specify the Username or Email of the person which will receive the donation.
  • Underneath we can write a Purpose of the donation, for example: “My share for the Server” or “Donation from Zach”
    • One important note is: Donations can only be executed if both users: the Sender and Receiver, are using the same Currency. If this is not the case, a donation is not possible.
    • To change currencies just click on the icon in the upper right-hand corner where you see your current country and currency. You can then select the desired currency. Shall you have existing currency, a small fee is going to be charged due to exchange rates. If your credit is at zero, there will be no fee.
  • If a valid Receiver is set, Options 2 and 3 will appear. These are used to select an amount to be donated and to choose a Payment option for the donation.
  • Afterwards, it just looks like a regular Credit Charge to your account. Follow the procedure to complete the transaction and the donation will be applied.