How to install Fabric in my Minecraft server

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This is a step-by-step guide on how to install Fabric in your Minecraft server.

Download the needed files and create the folder for Minecraft Fabric

  • Download the Fabric installer from their official web [Aquí] and save it to your desktop.

For this guide, we used the “.exe” file, but you can use the ”.jar” if you want to.

Fabric Icon.png

  • Create a folder in your PC where you're going to install the server. We've created the folder "Fabric_Server_Tutorial" for this guide.
  • Launch the .exe file, and in the upper section select "Server".

Fabric Create.gif

  • Select the Minecraft version you want to use, and in the three dot icon, select the folder that we just created for the server. We will select "Fabric_Server_Tutorial"
  • Click on Install
  • A new window will po up for the server install, select the option "Download Server jar"(This will download the required version to create the server. If you want, you can download this file directly from the official website [Here] and add it to the same folder)
  If yor PC has trouble opening .jar files, we recommend selecting the "Generate" option, this will create an executable file that your PC will be able to open without issues.
  • When the process is finished, your folder should have the following files.

Fabric Folder.png

Create the Minecraft Fabric server in your PC

  • Launch the "Start" file, this should open a CMD window, and create new files and folders. You can close the CMD window now.
  • Look for the "eula" file, and change the text "false" to "true".

Eula accept.gif

  • Launch the "Start" file again.

This should pop up a CMD window again and launch your Minecraft server. This server is good to go, but we still need to install Fabric.

Minecraft server creation.gif

  • Next, launch the file "fabric-server-launch".
  If your PC can't open .jar files, please follow these steps:
  -Create a notepad file.
  -Copy the next command to the file " java -Xmx1024M -Xms1024M -fabric-server-launch.jar nogui " without quotes
  -When saving the file, save it as fabric-server-launch.bat  *You have to name the file as .bat! This is important*
  Fabric Server launch.png
  -Launch the fabric-server-launch.bat file
  • Your Fabric server is ready!
  • To upload it to your Nitrado server you need to rename the "Fabric-server-launch.jar" file to "minecraft_server.jar"
  • Upload the .jar file through [FTP] a minecraftbukkit / plugins .

Install mods in your Fabric server

  • To install mods, all you need to do is to copy the files to your server and client.
  • Upload your .jar files through [[1]] to the following folder minecraft / mods.
  Keep in mind that many Fabric mods require the fabric API which you can download from [Here]. It uploads to the same folder as any other mod.
  • Once you've installed the mods in your server, you need to install them on your client too.
  • To do this, open Minecraft Launcher.
  • In the upper section, select the "Installs" tab.
  • In the "fabric" install, click on the folder icon, and search for the "mods" folder.
  • Paste the same mods that you uploaded to the server.

Minecraft Folder Fabric.gif

  • Now you're ready to play Minecraft Fabric with your mods!