How to install Bukkit plugins

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In order to install a Bukkit-Plugin, you'd first need to download it in the corresponding developer thread and on the website, that depends on the plugin. In most of the cases, you'll end up with a single file which is or is not packed into a .zip archive. Some plugins do also ship with additional files or even an whole folder, if that's the case there is most likely an explanation on the website about what to do with it, but just in case it isn't we're covering that part here too.

Please select one of the two following instructions, whichever matches your current situation best.

Your download only contained a single or multiple .jar files

  • Upload your .jar file via [FTP] to minecraftbukkit/plugins.
  • Simply restart or reload your Gameserver. If the plugins requires an additional configuration file, it'll be generated automatically. So if the plugin name is "Nitrado" the folder structure would be like this: minecraftbukkit/plugins/Nitrado.
  • You may now browse the mentioned folder and edit the contained files if there are any. Please note that this is not always the case. If you are editing configuration files it's not recommended to use Windows default Texteditor but Notepad++ (A marvelous program) instead. Please note that the common plugin uses YAML-formatted configuration files (.yml) which have special syntax rules. For instance, the use of the TAB key is forbidden and may even break a configuration if used. Fortunately Notepadd++ ships with the option to highlight TABs and also to replace TABs with 4 whitespaces if desired.
  • After you finish editing the configuration file(s) you can easily restart or reload the server for the changes to take effect. If your server somehow is not reachable anymore or a certain plugin breaks its a common practice to connect to your server using FTB and opening the server.log file. If you can't figure out what the console output means, you may always create a new thread in the Community Support Board.

The download contained a .jar file and an additional folder

  • Repeat the steps listed in the section above to install the plugin.
  • Check the thread or website, in most cases there is already an explanation about what to do with the additional files and folders. If not proceed with the next steps.
  • Upload the folder(s) to your server's plugin directory (minecraftbukkit/plugins). The folder should either contain .ini, .yml, .conf or .cfg files, if the files are not normal text files but libraries or other non human readable things just leave them alone, they are most likely dependencies or libraries of and for the plugin.