How to connect to your The Isle server

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Connection via Steam

1. Open Steam, in the upper left corner click on the drop-down menu "View".

2. Click on the option "Servers".


3. Select the "Favorites" tab and click on the button at the bottom right called "Add Server".

4. Enter the IP of your server.

5. Change the game port for the query port (You can find it in the Control Panel of your server's web interface).

6. Click on "Add this Address to Favorites".

''The server name will appear with a numerical series and the game will appear as "Unreal Test" This is a visual error but does not affect gameplay or server performance.''

7. Click on "Refresh" and you will see your server displayed in the list.

8. Then click on "Connect" and you will be able to access your server.

The Isle Connect.GIF