How to connect to a Minecraft Server?

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Here you will learn how to connect to your Minecraft Server.

How to connect to a Minecraft Server?

1.- Navigate to your Web Interface over

2.- On the left side of your Web Interface locate the IP of your server

3.- Copy the IP address of the server as shown with the icon "Copy"

4.- Open your Minecraft game in your computer (Java version)

Note: If you do not have the official version of the game, you would need to stop the server, go to Settings -> General, deactivate the option "Online mode", save the changes and start the server. Please be advised that you would not be able to use skins with the Online mode deactivated.

5.- Select the version that matches the version of your server and select "Play", otherwise you would not be able to connect (to change the version of your server, stop the server, go to Settings -> Version Change, and install the version that you desire, as well you can upload a specific version)


6.- Wait for the game to load and start

7.- In the Main Menu, select the option "Multiplayer".

8.- Now select the option "Add Server".

9.- In Server Name, erase the default name and place the name that you want for your server (will change the name of your server in your servers list, but will not change the name of your server in the Web Interface. For that go to Settings -> General)

10.- In Server Address, paste the IP address of your server that you copied from the Web Interface.

11.- Once you finish, select "Done" and wait. Your server will appear in the Play Multiplayer list.

12.- Select the server and below select the option "Join Server"

13.- If you see any error message, or you can not join your server, please contact our Nitrado Support Team: How to write a good support ticket