How to change Dark and Light Server Settings

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Here is where you can find information on how to change Dark and Light Server settings.

Where to Start?

  • Start by Navigating to your Web interface
  • Stop your Server
  • Go to your "Settings > General" page.
  • Make the changes that you wish to make and click "Save Changes"
  • Start your server with the "restart" button and your changes will be applied on startup!

Advanced Configuration

To edit or add in custom values for multipliers and server settings, please do the following. Most of the values are stored in the CleanSourceConfigs directory under the gameusersettings.ini

  • Stop your server and wait a couple of minutes for it to save the information and data.
  • Navigate to the CleanSourceConfigs directory "dnl > DNL > Saved > Config > CleanSourceConfigs" and open up the gameusersettings.ini there and copy the [ServerSettings] section.
  • Navigate to the WindowsServer directory "dnl > DNL > Saved > Config > WindowsServer" and open up the gameusersettings.ini there and paste the [ServerSettings] you copied before, but do not remove current values there unless there is duplicates.
  • Edit them at your leisure and click "Save Changes".
  • Reboot and settings will be applied accordingly.

Note: Please keep in mind that this is an Early Access game. Some settings applied may not work as intended, we are working on a list of stable settings that can be applied to the server. we will update the web interface accordingly.