How to become admin in The Isle

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Rent now your own prepaid The Isle Server at

1. Enter your web interface and stop your server
2. Click on the option Configuration Files in the Settings menu located on the left side of the interface.

The Isle Configfiles.JPG

3. Select and Edit the Game.ini file
4. In the [/script/theisle.igamesession] section add the following command line:

5. Add your SteamID64 after the "=" the line of code should look like this:


The Isle Editfile.JPG

 If you want you can add additional administrators by repeating the command line in a new line and adding the Steam64ID. 

6. When you finish making changes, click on the option called: Save Changes and wait a couple of minutes.

The Isle Savechanges.JPG

7. Restart your server

And done! You have been added as an administrator to your The Isle server.