How to become admin in SCP: SECRET LABORATORY

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Here you will learn how to become admin on your SCP: SECRET LABORATORY server.

Where to Start?

To permanently set yourself as an Admin on your SCP: SECRET LABORATORY server, to save adding in the Password each play session.

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server: Navigating the Nitrado Web Interface
  • Stop your server
  • Navigate to your settings > config files page
  • Click the file name and select the file labeled "Config_remoteadmin.txt" and load it.
    SCPSL admin.png
    • You'll need your STEAM_64_ID, which is a long number and can be found at this website:
  • Once you have your STEAM_64_ID insert it into the text box + @steam for example [email protected]: role, then click to save.

The available roles are: Owner, admin, moderator

  • Start your server and you are now Admin.