How to become admin in Factorio

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How can I become a Factorio administrator?

These instructions apply to all versions since 0.17.x and the experimental version.

After installing your server, as soon as it has started for the first time and generated the map, you can stop the server. As soon as the server is stopped, navigate to the File Explorer, you can find it in the Tools menu option.


Create file

Now create the file server-adminlist.json with the button "Create new file".


Enter administrators

Enter your name in this file, which will be set in the game in the multiplayer settings.

Important! This is not always the Steam username automatically, check beforehand!

The format is also very important! Since this is a "json" file, multiple admins must be entered, separated by comma. ["name1, name2"]


To finish

After saving the file and starting the server, you can connect to the server and enter / admins in the console; the administrators you entered will now appear there.

You can find a list of the commands on Factorio's Official Wiki.