How to add a mod to an Arma Server

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How to add a mod and set it up.

Recommended Tools


How to upload a Mod to the server.

FTP credentials can be found on your Arma 3 Control Panel.


Run Filezilla and enter your ftp details in to the input boxes.


Upload the mod to your arma3 folder.



For the mod to work, it is essential that you copy the contents of the key folder from the mod you want to install, this needs to be copied to the key folder on your server.

How to launch your server with that mod.

1. Click the settings on the left of your control panel.


2. You need to add the mod to the server.

You will notice there are two places where you can insert mods.


Additional mods - mods required by the client to conect to your server - Usually Maps/Uniforms/Vehicles etc.....

Additional server mods - mods not required by the client - i.e @ExileServer @infiSTAR_Exile

Depending on the mod insert the mod details in to the appropriate field.

Example; @Mod1;@Mod2;@Mod3;

Save changes then restart your server.

There are certain mods that don't require to be uploaded to the server, you only need the key file to use. These mods are usually mods such as sounds/xtra effects/Hud Improvments

For example JSRS/Blastforce