How to Set up a Ylands Nitrado Server

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Here you will learn how to start and run your Ylands server. We will teach you how to get and apply the game server login token to your Nitrado server. This article should help you get your server going so you can enjoy the fun!

Where do I Start?

First, you will need to make an account or sign in to Bohemia Interactive's website. Please login or create an account here:

The instructions below will help you with what to do after you log in:

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server
  • Go to "General Settings" on the left-hand side
  • Scroll down to "Login Token"
  • Click the link in the description of this option so you Navigate to Bohemias website.

Generating Your Server Key

  • Here you will select the game and put a name for the key
  • Generate a key and it will appear below
  • Enter this key to the proper field on your Web interface
  • Save Changes
  • Start your Server

Once the server is started the changes and server token will be applied. Allowing the server to be found.