How to Fix a Corrupted Game.db In Conan Exiles

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If you are here, you most likely are having problems with a corrupt game.db files. This page is set to help you repair the Game.db file within your Conan Server. If your server is started but no server information is available and it is not reachable in game, then this page is for you. Follow these simple steps for a work around to fix the issue.

How do i Fix this?

  • Go to the web interface of your server
  • Stop the server and wait a few moments.
  • Navigate to your file browser and navigate this file path:
  • Delete the following files:
    • Game.db, game.db-shm, game.db-wal
  • Rename one of the latest backups:
    • (game_backup_<number>.db) To (game.db)
  • Start the server