How to Become Admin in Don't Starve Together

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Here you will learn how to become Admin on your Don't Starve Together server.

Where to Start?

The following steps are necessary to add admins on your Don't Starve Together server:

How to Find KU ID

To find your KU ID, open Don't Starve and click the 'Account' button on the main menu. This will bring you straight to the Klei account page Klei

Once there, look for the Klei User ID. You can ignore the Player ID as it is the SteamID64 and is unnecessary for becoming an admin on your server.


You can also get a KU ID by joining your server and sending a few chat messages, then checking the server_chat_log.txt files that are generated under the dontstarve folder in your file browser.

Configure the Admin Password

  • Navigate to the Web interface of your server: How to Access your webinterface
  • Stop your server
  • From the Dashboard, go to Tools > File Browser
  • In the file browser, head to the dontstarve folder
  • Click the green Create new file
    • Name the file adminlist.txt
  • Add the KU ID's for everyone you want to be an Admin into the adminlist.txt file as-is
  • Save your settings
  • Restart the server


To check if this has worked, join the server and press 'tab'. This will show you the player menu. If a player is an admin they will have a grey star next to their picture.

You can check our guide with the Admin Commands for Don't Starve Together