How do I post a Server.log?

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With many questions or problems to Minecraft, Bukkit and Canary, a server log is very important in most cases. Without a server log the support staff cannot usually effectively help you. Therefore, it is imperative for nearly every problem. A server log contains many important information about your server that can help you solve the problem. All mistakes and information landed there.

If you want help on the forums, this log is required as it will allow other members to see what happened.

Where can I find the server.log?

The Server.log file can be found in your server directory:

  • Vanilla: /minecraft/logs/server.log
  • Bukkit: /minecraftbukkit/logs/server.log
  • Canary: /minecraftcanary/logs/server.log

How do I download the server.log?

  1. Method 1: Navigate to the "Webinterface", click on Log files under information.
  2. Method 2: The server log is downloaded via FTP (FTP - Filezilla). For this, you have to go to the directory/minecraftbukkit/logs and download the server log.

From where should I post the server log?

After the download, it is usually useful to shorten your server log. If you have problems with server crashes or similar, then a server log from the start to the place of the crash is necessary. Most of the time, however, only one server.log is required. How to:

  1. Server Stop
  2. Clear Server.log
  3. Start Server
  4. Wait until your problem reappears (Only if you have problems with crashes)
  5. Use Server.log for problem description

Sometimes, too The entire server log is required. For example, in the case of problems which extend over a longer period of time.

How do I post the server.log?

There are 4 variants how to post the server log in the Nitrado forum to your problem description. Normally the first method should be sufficient for normal logs, and this is also the fastest method to help you.

  1. Data Pane
    The Data Pane is the best way to upload to Server.log's. This works only for logs up to 2 megabytes.


  1. Code
    This code is only to be used for short server logs!
    The website offers the insertion of text documents. Theoretically, you can copy the entire Server.log and paste it at
    Is the server.log Greater than 2 megabytes is recommended to upload the server.log to