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To view your server in real-time, there is a lightweight tool called HLSW. The tool updates in real-time, displaying the current number of players, the name of the server, and your ping/latency to the server.

  • To install this tool, please navigate to this link: (Download)
  • Boot up the program after installing it (you do not need an account. Please click "offline" mode and the program will work successfully.)
  • And copy and paste your server's IP address and port number into the field next to "Half-life"

  • Once you've done this, change the port number by adding one to it (If your port is 25000, change it to 25001.)*
Note: This only works with some games (Typically those that are queried with Steam) 

Please refer to our other wiki article, Query Ports for Game Servers, to use HLSW more effectively.

What is HLSW?

HLSW is an administration tool that simplifies the work of administrators. With HLSW, you can control the whole server via the desktop (at least the source engine is explained in detail in this article).

Where can I get HLSW?

Which games are supported?

For a list of supported games, see here.


If you now have HLSW installed, you should see a login screen. You do not need an account. Just click on Offline.


GUI = Graphical User Interface

1) The field where the IP of the respective game server is registered
2) Click here if you want to have the admin view (see picture) 3) Here you see an active (Online) Gameserver. It is marked (clicked). The result is that you see at 5 the players and under the Config variables.
4) Here you see an inactive (Offline) Gameserver. This can be seen as it is red and the ping-field is "timeout".
5) The names of all players on the server. You can also see the Frags and the season.
6) The most important part of HLSW. The RCON password. Here you have to enter it 7) If you enter the RCON password, you have to test it 8) Here you get the server protocol. The server log is like the log, only it is displayed live. (Required for Chat) 9) Hook at Verberg. = Instead of the password, ***** is displayed Save = Password is saved, you do not have to enter it again 10) Click on the tab to open the console (see below)
11) Click on the tab to open the chat


The console is the most important in HLSW (at least with the source engine). Always pay attention to the "" if the parameter has a space or two //! In the console you can do everything in the form of commands. You have to know this, of course, so I make a small collection: