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THe first player who connects to the server, can set the Server name and the Admin password. After that all available settings can be adjusted within the Server Manager within the game itself.


After the configuration of the Server name and the Admin password a save game needs to be created. You can do this in the Server Manager at Create Game. It is also possible to create a new save game there.

WIth the Checkbox you can connect automatically to the server, after the save game got created.


Attention! At the Moment you can only use one save game. THe save game management is still under development by the game developers.

Creating a new save game can take up to 10 minutes.


All available settings can be changed in the Server Manager. You are able to set the name of the Server, the Admin- and Server password.

You can also set the option for pausing the game as soon as the last player left the game and that the save game is getting updated, as soon as a player left the server.


Known issues

Vehicles: At the moment the game might crash if a player is driving around in a car or any other vehicle, but only the game of the driver will crash and he will loose the connection to the server while everyone else can keep on playing.

Important : A direct reconnection should be avoided since this could lead to defective save games! Before you reconnecto to the server, check the server information in the Server Manager and wait, until the player count got updated.