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Here you will learn what basic options the Nitrado webinterface provides.

Nitrado Web Interface

With Nitrado, we aim to offer an easy-to-use experience for you to play the way you want. Using this one of a kind web interface will help you easily get the settings you, and your players are looking for.

  • On the left hand side you will notice some information that is important about your server. Your Server:
    • Information
    • Settings
    • Tools
    • Game specific tools (If applies to the game chosen)
    • Help
  • Reinstall
  • Switch game


  • Here on the dashboard will be the location of your IP address and other important information about your server. We have conveniently placed graphs on this page so that you can see the utilization of the server, how it is acting, and how many players are inside.
  • Near the bottom you will Notice your FTP and MySQL credentials.


  • On the left-hand side under "settings" is where you can customize your server to your liking. A broad range of customization options are available for you. This is where you change the name of your server, set passwords, and many other options. This is the main stop for customization.


  • With "tools" you can access your filebrowser. In your filebrowser you can overview files, check logs, and in most games you can further customize your server. It is suggested that only advanced users use the filebrowser for customization.
    • Game specific tools: Under the name of the game that is on your server are game specific options. Many games like Minecraft, and Battlefield offer extra options that are useful to gameplay.

Help and Switching

  • Lastly, you will notice the Help, Reinstall, and switch game option.
    • Help: Quick and easy access to helpful articles related to your server
    • Reinstall: Reinstalling is the quickest way to wipe your server and start fresh.
    • Switch Game: Here is where you can install new games to your server and or switch your active game. A Nitrado gameserver can have up-to 5 games installed at any one time, but only one of these games can be active.