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Hackers are people who gain exploit selected vulnerabilities in a server system access to Servers and the data stored on it.
Hackers are not forcibly evil. The infiltration of external server, or copy/modify the data on it can be both "good" as well as "evil".
Here one decides roughly between 3 classes:
-White Hats
Standing on the side of the law, mostly working for governments to blackhats track or repel
- Grey Hats
Are any side clearly assignable
-Black Hats
'Inflicting act with criminal intent with the intent other damage

Crackers ( not to eat )

Cracker bypass the copy protection of licensed programs to be able to offer these free or inflicting economic damage to the developer of the software.
Create programs overturn either the copy right or the algorithm of the so-called serial (license key) to analyze to generate serial unlimited.


Phishers are people with the fake sites or supposedly great programs other people to bring their input data .
One example is the well-known for years " SteamPhisher " pretending each steam to generate game .
In reality, the entered account information will be sent via email to a third party and resold most likely .

Script kiddies

small kiddies use public tools like LOIC SteamPhisher are used to enormously feel "cool". However, since they have no idea they can be most easily traced back.


The procedures listed here are allowed learning/training purposes on its own root. (Note: A game server is not a separate root, ie you must not abuse testing such activities on a rented Game/Voice Server..

Based Game


Cheater uses by the manufacturer of the software already installed 'hacks' or security holes to gain an advantage in the game gain .
These functions are, however, in multiplayer where they could discriminate against other players are mostly disabled in Achievements (achievement functions) to the players to motivate them to play "right"


Modifying to gain an advantage in the game, the server, or your client. These are not intended by the developer changes.
Developers of games try these vulnerabilities to keep as small as possible. At tournaments like for example, ESL automatically see's such hacks as disqualification.

Based Server

My server was hacked

This is almost impossible . You have so to speak no server . Your server is simply a part of a rather large full root server of Nitrado . Nitrado has enough security measures to ward off intruders .

Local threats


Viruses are programs that damage the system ie. delete, or modify data or to transfer information to the owner. Viruses remain on their host (infected PC) and do not spread itself automatically. They are usually removed with any halfway sensible Antivirus. (Warning: Viruses can be spread by people via email or other communication methods, of course.)


are a kind of modified viruses which are capable of themselves to go from the host to all over the server or to increase over the whole network.

What can I do locally?

- WLAN secure (at best with WPA, PSK/WPA2)
- Use antivirus and continuously update/scan
- Download only from reliable sources
- Do not open spam mails directly delete

User Questions

<User Question> What is a vulnerability in a website?

At one site, there are also weaknesses when the server is inherently safe. An example would be the MySQL Injection.

Original query

 Call: artikel.php id = 1?
 Generated Query: SELECT * FROM `tabelle` WHERE ID = 1

Query Injection

  Call: artikel.php id = 1; + UPDATE USER SET + + TYPE = "admin" + WHERE + id = 23?
  Generated Query: SELECT * FROM `table` WHERE ID = 1; UPDATE USER SET TYPE= "admin" WHERE id = 23


Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication is an important step to protecting your account. Learn more about how to set up two-factor authentication here:


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