Gametracker for an Arma 3 Server

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What is Gametracker? is an online server list, which houses ArmA 3 and ArmA 3 modifications among many other games.

List server in Gametracker

To be able to list your server in Gametracker, you will need the IP address of the server, as well as its Query and Join ports. After your registration to the Gametracker service, navigate to the “Servers” section of the website. You can add a new Gameserver on this page.

  • Select ArmA 3 in the dropdown menu labed "Game Type"
  • Enter your Gameserver's IP address in the "IP or Domain Name" field. You can find this data on your Gameserver's dashboard.
Gametracker ADD A SERVER ArmA3.png

You can add the server to your list by clicking on the "ADD SERVER" button at the bottom of the form. Your Gameserver should now be listed, if no notification appears that tells otherwise.

Claim your server

The claiming process is used to verify your ownership of the listed server. You will need to verify your server in order to modify the publicly displayed server information. Select your server to start the claiming process.

Gametracker SELECT SERVER ArmA3.png

You now have to click on "None - Claim Now!" in the server manager.

Gametracker CLAIM NOW.png

Now you need to change the name of the server in “GameTrackerClaimServer”. This way, Gametracker can be sure that the server is not listed to the wrong user.

Gametracker RENAME.png

After the server is renamed, you just need to click "Claim Ownership of Server". The process should be finished now and you will gain full rights to modify your server on Gametracker.