Gametracker for a Killing Floor 2 server

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What exactly is Gametracker? is an external server list for many games. Among other games, Killing Floor 2 servers may be listed too.

List server on Gametracker

To list your Gameserver you'd need its IP address, as well as the query- and join port.

In the first step, you have to navigate to the server list by clicking "Servers" in the upper page area. You should now see a site with the possibility to add a Gameserver. In order to do so, you have to select the game "Killing Floor 2" in the first drop-down and enter your IP or domain in the field below. The join port and the IP are visible on your server's dashboard, the query port would most likely be the join port plus 1 (The query port is also displayed in the server's log file, so have a look if you are in doubt). For a better understanding, some visual information:

Gametracker ADD A SERVER KF2.png

After entering all the needed information, you have to click on "ADD Server". Your server is now added to the Gametracker server list.

Claim your server

You need to claim the server if you want your previously registered server associated with your account. This is necessary if you want to edit that server later on.

In order to do so, you have to select your server in the server list by clicking on it:

Gametracker SELECT SERVER Killing Floor 2.png

Now click on "None - Claim Now!".

Gametracker CLAIM NOW Killing Floor 2.png

You now have to rename your server to "GameTrackerClaimServer". This is how Gametracker identifies that you are the server owner.

Gametracker RENAME.png

After renaming your server, click on "CLAIM OWNERSHIP OF SERVER" to claim your server. The server is now associated with your account.